Cell Tower Locations

We are not opposed to a cell tower. We are simply opposed to installing a cell tower too close to schools or homes. A new cell tower could be put in another location outside of school property and away from residential areas where it won't lower home values.


Annapolis area schools already have 9 cell towers within 0.25 miles, and 38 cell towers within 0.6 miles.



Often the carrier will  state that the purpose of these towers are to improve data reception in the area, so it is not necessarily going to improve the quality of phone calls. Even if the tower is built, callers will still have dropped calls because of the way that buildings are constructed. Multi-family buildings such as townhomes and condominiums have metal duct work that covers a lot of space in between floors. Firewalls between dwellings can also interfere with calls. If there is a lot of metal between a mobile phone and the local cell tower, no matter how close that cell tower sits, calls could still be dropped.

Cell Tower Revenues

This link contains some interesting statistics-



You'll see that the average lease rates in Maryland are between $121,000 and $489,000. Milestone Communications will only pay the Anne Arundel County School system $25,000 for each cell tower, and the money won't even go to each individual school...it just goes into a general fund.


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Important Upcoming Events:


Anne Arundel County Board of Education Meetings

They are usually on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 10 am and the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Both are held at the Administration Building- 2644 Riva Rd. in Annapolis. There are changes for the meetings during the month of February and September, so visit the website for the exact schedule.

 WEAR RED to all meetings and show your support for our group!

Visit our "How to Help" page for the email addresses of the Board. Please email them to express your opposition to a cell tower at your school!



We have two goals:


1.  Convince the AACo Board of Education to revoke the Master Lease Agreement with Milestone Communications (Verizon contractor).


2.  Provide resources and support to parents and community members who are opposed to the construction of cell phone towers at their schools and near their homes.

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